Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie (hereinafter: “cookie/s”) is information that is stored on the User’s computer by the Website visited by the User. Cookies usually store User settings and settings for a website, such as your preferred language or address. After the User subsequently visits the same website again, the Internet browser sends back cookies that belong to that website. This allows the website to display information tailored to the needs of the User.

What is the purpose of cookies?

In order to ensure the proper operation of the website and further improvements and enhancements of the User’s browsing experience, the website stores a small amount of information (cookies) on the User’s computer.

Consent for the storage of cookies

By using the website without changing the settings that would deny consent to the storage of cookies on the User’s computer, the User accepts the use and storage of cookies on his/her computer. If the User does not agree to the storage of cookies, their storage on the User’s computer will be disabled, and the User will continue to be able to browse the website, yet certain features of the website will not be available to him/her.

How does use cookies?

The website may use cookies and store them on the User’s device. We use cookies to know when and how the User uses the website, in order to improve the user experience, personalize the content and provide ads that are more relevant to the User. The cookies we use are: “Necessary cookies”, “Functional cookies” and “Analytical cookies”.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are necessary for the normal display and operation of the website They allow the website, its content and all functionalities to be fully displayed to the User. Since these Cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website, they cannot be turned off on the website itself, but the User can delete or block them in the settings of his/her web browser.

Functional cookies

The information collected through these cookies helps us to provide a more personalized and enhanced experience to Users.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are collected based on individual use of the website They show us how Users use the website

How to turn off cookies?

By disabling Cookies, the User decides whether to allow cookies to be stored on the computer. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in the User’s Internet browser.
By disabling or blocking the storage of cookies, the User can still view and use the website, but there is a possibility that certain features or functionalities of the website will not be available.

What data does collect through cookies?

For the purpose of storing and using cookies, collects and processes the following User data: data on the IP address, data on the use of the website and data on the behaviour and habits of the User.

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