A smart online kindergarten management system

eKindergarten is an information system for preschool institutions that combines online enrollment and records of children. Easy to use and adapted for connection to other systems. It provides the city and institutions easier management of kindergartens, and saves parents' time and reduces worries.

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Money View +

Track the balance of all business accounts in one place

Does your company or group have multiple bank accounts with different banks? Need an insight into the account balance in one place? The Money View + application offers cumulative and individual display of all funds in bank accounts, in accordance with the SEPA standard. Use the simple application on a web browser or mobile phone.

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Car Fleet management

Manage your fleet in fifth gear

Need a faster fleet management solution for your company? Our Car Fleet Management platform consists of perfectly coordinated applications that allow you to efficiently monitor the life cycles of leasing contracts, invoice and accompanying documentation issuing.

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Contract Registry

Follow cycles of important contracts in one place

The Contract Registry application allows you to access and manage contracts in one place. Monitor public procurement contract cycles and act on time.

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Central Monitoring System

Easy tracking of games of chance

The Central Monitoring System is an application intended for state authorities that supervise the organization of games of chance in betting shops, casinos or on online platforms. Use the application on web a browser or a mobile phone.

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Virtual doctor's office for safer and more accessible treatment

The eDoctor telemedicine system allows doctors to perform examinations and have conversations with patients online, without unnecessary physical contact and time spent in the waiting room. Medical care is becoming more accessible to citizens, services are faster and cheaper, while medical work is becoming more efficient. The system raises the standard of the health system, and consists of a publicly available portal, a communication web interface for patients and doctors, and a communication module.

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JIRA Implementation

Manage projects of all kinds faster and more efficiently

JIRA is a globally accepted platform for managing development projects and monitoring requirements, changes and errors. JIRA brings people and tasks together in one place, the biggest advantage being the ease of use. Extend the basic JIRA application with the Service Desk and Confluence modules.

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Oracle HCM Cloud

State-of-the-art human resource management system

Oracle HCM is a cloud-based software package that enables human resource management in your company. It provides independent access to employees and managers from any place and any device, which significantly relieves the burden from the HR service, and employees have a better insight into all relevant data.

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