Car Fleet management

Manage your fleet in fifth gear

Need a faster fleet management solution for your company? Our Car Fleet Management platform consists of perfectly coordinated applications that allow you to efficiently monitor the life cycles of leasing contracts, invoice and accompanying documentation issuing.

What does our platform enable you?

Real-time monitoring

The platform monitors the status of each leasing contract in real time. Easily initiate the process of terminating a contract or renewing and ordering a new vehicle.

Fast damage calculation

The Mobile Assessor application helps you to easily calculate the damage and create the necessary documentation when returning the vehicle in just a few clicks.

Perfect integration

The applications within our platform complement each other harmoniously, providing you with a unique user experience.

Report creation

Simply create a leasing status report. Perform internal control efficiently.

Car Fleet Management – useful features that save you time

  • Leasing contract life cycle monitoring.
  • Enter and review individual documentation for each leasing agreement.
  • Mobile vehicle return application integrated with external evaluation system.
  • Practical calculation of all charges when returning the vehicle.
  • Automatic keeping of accounts and integration with existing accounting systems.
  • SkadenCar component for monitoring the insurance expiration of each vehicle in the fleet and integration with the brokerage system for automatic ordering and renewal of policies.
  • Integration with CVH (Croatian Vehicle Centre) to obtain data on successful registration renewal.
  • Creating, reviewing and sending invoices for each individual contract according to individual sending rules for each client – integration with the FINA eInvoice system.
  • A dynamic system of useful notifications tailored to each application

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