Central Monitoring System

Easy tracking of games of chance

The Central Monitoring System is an application intended for state authorities that supervise the organization of games of chance in betting shops, casinos or on online platforms. Use the application on web a browser or a mobile phone.

What does our platform enable you?

Tracking of each device

The Central Monitoring System allows you to monitor and analyse the gaming process on each gaming device. Check daily and monthly balances of gaming devices and locations.

Compliance with legal regulations

Determine the compliance of the work of the organizer of games of chance to the legal regulations.

Easier decision making

Central Monitoring System is a business intelligence application that builds a key information database, helping you make decisions.

Easy to use

A clear and systematic display allows you to learn key information in the office or on the field in seconds.

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Central Monitoring System – useful features that save you time

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  • Reception of data from the business systems of game of chance organizers in real time
  • Processing of submitted data and analytical presentation
  • Preparation of individual and cumulative reports on the business of organizers of games of chance
  • Generating a list of globally unique identifiers (GUID) for each organizer
  • Controlled multi-level system access
  • Game of chance organizers register
  • License expiration monitoring for individual organizers

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