Contract Registry

Follow cycles of important contracts in one place

The Contract Registry application allows you to access and manage contracts in one place. Monitor public procurement contract cycles and act on time.

What does our platform allow you to do?

Real-time tracking

The application monitors the implementation of public procurement contracts in real time, allowing you to initiate the public procurement procedure in a timely manner.

Easy review

The application offers an easy overview of contracts to all key users within your organization and provides easy internal control.

Continuous upgrade

The system is continuously upgraded following the public procurement process, from procurement planning, initiating the procedure and contracting, to monitoring the implementation of individual contract items.

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Contract Registry – useful features that save you time

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  • Entry and review of the public procurement plan
  • Entry, review and update of supplier records
  • Entry and record of contracts with accompanying cost estimates
  • Entry and review of contract based invoice records
  • Linking invoice items to contract cost items
  • Upload of documents into the system
  • Contract expiration notifications

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