Virtual doctor's office for safer and more accessible treatment

The eDoctor telemedicine system allows doctors to perform examinations and have conversations with patients online, without unnecessary physical contact and time spent in the waiting room. Medical care is becoming more accessible to citizens, services are faster and cheaper, while medical work is becoming more efficient. The system raises the standard of the health system, and consists of a publicly available portal, a communication web interface for patients and doctors, and a communication module.

What does our platform enable you?

Review in the comfort of your home

In direct video and audio communication with the patient, the physician can assess the patient’s symptoms and general condition, examine possible rash or other physical symptom described by the patient, and decide if the patient needs further treatment.

Less crowded waiting rooms

Online check-ups reduce the need for physical office visits. Less crowds suppress the spread of coronavirus, protecting both patients and healthcare professionals.

Greater availability of doctors

The eDoctor system enables quick contact with patients in urgent cases. It also provides the option of brief online consultations if patients have additional questions about therapy.

Various types of examinations and therapies

Online examinations are suitable, for example, for the treatment of patients with mental illness or children with speech disorders. Physical therapy can also be performed remotely – the patient exercises at home under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

More efficient business

Using the eDoctor system, doctors can process patients faster and more efficiently, which reduces business costs.

Easy to connect

The eDoctor system easily connects to existing e-services and enables a more efficient functioning of the entire health system. Creating recipes or referrals for further examinations becomes faster and easier.

Health care for islands and villages

By using the eDoctor system, health care becomes more accessible to patients living on islands or in rural, sparsely populated areas, where medical care is more difficult to access.

Remote consultations

eDoctor enables simple consultations with doctors and provides an opportunity to educate interns on specific cases.

Group therapy

Using the system, the physician can conduct therapy simultaneously with multiple patients, which is useful in group psychotherapies, in the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions.

Innovative technology

Our eDoctor system is based on latest technology called webRTC (Web Real Time Communications) which enables audio and video calls within web pages on computers, mobile phones and tablets, without installing additional programs.

A world trend that is advancing rapidly

Distance treatment is becoming more prevalent in the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Oceania. Healthcare applications have been evolving for a long time, and the pandemic has further accelerated their development.

eDoctor – useful features that save you time

  • Virtual doctor’s office – access to patients when and where they want
  • Patient medical records – patient data available in advance
  • Catalogue of services
  • Defining appointments in advance
  • Appointment booking
  • Secure messaging between patient and doctor

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