A smart online kindergarten management system

eKindergarten is an information system for preschool institutions that combines online enrollment and records of children. Easy to use and adapted for connection to other systems. It provides the city and institutions easier management of kindergartens, and saves parents’ time and reduces worries.

Happy and satisfied young families form the foundation of a happy future of your city. Dubrovnik, Dugo Selo, Velika Gorica, Zagreb and Šibenik are already successfully enrolling children in kindergarten through the eKindergarten system!

Who does the eKindergarten system help?


Online enrollment in kindergarten, moving within groups or kindergartens in just a few clicks. Parents can view enrollment lists in real time. Contactless entries preserve health.


Practical enrollment and record keeping with less paperwork. No need to install additional programs!


Transparent, faster and more controlled implementation of regular enrollments. Comprehensive control of the system and acceleration of processes that make life much easier for parents.

What does the eKindergarten system enable?

Contactless Enrollment

The eKindergarten system protects the health of children and parents, eliminating the need for multiple personal contact between parents and staff when enrolling children in kindergartens.

Documentation Transparency

The eKindergarten system enables easy creation of documents, contracts or reports and easier search of data. Documents are becoming much more accessible and transparent.

No worries about paperwork

After signing the contract between the parents and the kindergarten, the system automatically saves the contract and sends it to the required addresses of the city archives, saving time and strengthening legal security.

Real-time insight

The eKindergarten system provides insights into the state of enrollment in each kindergarten and into statistics on the number of children present each day. All data is available in real time.

Easy record keeping

The eKindergarten system enables comprehensive keeping of records of children enrolled in early and preschool education programs, enabling more efficient business planning.

Complete adjustment to the needs of the city

The system is fully adapted to the specifics of each city and the needs of the accompanying documentation.


The system ensures the transparency of enrollment lists, so parents have information on the status of their child’s enrollment at all times.

Everything in one place

Entering, reviewing, controlling and processing a large amount of data necessary for the systematic implementation and control of the implementation of early and preschool education programs – all in one place!

Accessible anywhere

Ability to access the system from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. No need to install additional programs.

eKindergarten – useful features that save you time

  • Online application filling for enrolling a child in kindergarten
  • Digital application documentation upload
  • Verification, review and printing of enrollment documentation
  • Automated enrollment list generation
  • Defining an enrollment plan for each preschool year separately
  • Defining benefits when enrolling and automatically scoring requests
  • Downloading and entering children’s data
  • Time tracking of changes in children’s data
  • Report generation
  • Contract generation
  • Change of group
  • Transfer of children from one institution to another
  • Presence record

Users about the eKindergarten system

Entry, review, control and processing of a large amount of data necessary for the systematic implementation and implementation control of early and preschool education programs in the City of Zagreb – all in one place.

City Office for Education, City of Zagreb

Improve kindergarten management in your city!

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