JIRA Implementation

Manage projects of all kinds faster and more efficiently

JIRA is a globally accepted platform for managing development projects and monitoring requirements, changes and errors. JIRA brings people and tasks together in one place, the biggest advantage being the ease of use. Extend the basic JIRA application with the Service Desk and Confluence modules.

Service Desk – customer support in one place

Service Desk is a customer support module. With the JIRA Service Desk, you can easily receive, track, manage and handle customer requests. Clients can send requests via email, portal or built-in widget. JIRA Service Desk organizes and prioritizes requirements and allows the team to track their goals in one place.

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Confluence – build a knowledge base

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Confluence is an application that you can use to build a knowledge base. All users can create and share documents in one place and discuss documents, ideas, JIRA tasks and projects. Knowledge base articles appear on an external portal, so clients can read them and resolve issues before reporting through the help system. Agents can prepare frequent responses to save time and unify communication.

Confluence is an application intended for companies that need faster, more accurate and better project management of any kind. It is mostly and most frequently used in IT organizations that develop applications, for easier monitoring and correction of errors in applications.

What does Confluence enable you?

  • Real-time monitoring of project implementation – from start to finish
  • Report availability for each project
  • Insight into the time spent on the completed task per user
  • Generate Excel or PDF reports

JIRA – useful features that save you time

  • Tracking tasks, problems and errors
  • Project monitoring
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Expansion options
  • Integration of own code
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