Money View +

Track the balance of all business accounts in one place

Does your company or group have multiple bank accounts with different banks? Need an insight into the account balance in one place? The Money View + application offers cumulative and individual display of all funds in bank accounts, in accordance with the SEPA standard. Use the simple application on a web browser or mobile phone.

What does our platform allow you to do?

Centralized insight

The Money View + application gathers the balances of all your business accounts opened with various banks in one place.

Easy to use

A clear and systematic display of funds by account allows you to learn key information in seconds. You can easily check your account balance on the go, using the mobile app.

View reports over time

Simply view reports for different time periods – all in one place.

Complete customization for your business

We can upgrade the application according to your requirements, with prior needs analysis.

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Money View + – useful features that save you time

  • System user authorization
  • Automatic download of XML files from the mail service and storage in the internal database
  • Currency conversion
  • Report insight
  • Data export to PDF and Excel
  • Detailed assets overview by category over time

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