Oracle HCM Cloud

State-of-the-art human resource management system

Oracle HCM is a cloud-based software package that enables human resource management in your company. It provides independent access to employees and managers from any place and any device, which significantly relieves the burden from the HR service, and employees have a better insight into all relevant data. In addition to the classic HR functions, Oracle HCM also enables human resources development functions (Talent Management) by direct participation of all managers and their teams. This approach reduces the workload of the HR department by simplifying routine tasks, and allows for commitment to modelling and strategic workforce planning.

The complete HCM solution was originally built on cloud technology and is part of the complete Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud solution.

Talent management

HCM is a solution for companies that need to quickly and efficiently monitor changes in the market and business conditions. Every activity in the organization will sooner or later have to be transformed so the ability to adapt quickly becomes the most important factor of success.

In today’s economy, talent is far more important to any organization than the process. Talent is any employee who has the potential to improve the results of the entire organization, which implies active participation in increasingly rapid change. The complete talent management process must be managed with great care and commitment of professional and business leadership, but it must also be well organized, with efficient IT support, such as provided by Oracle HCM.


Oracle HCM is a state-of-the-art solution on the market that is applicable to all medium and large organizations. Fast implementation and the possibility of integration with existing legacy applications (eBS, DMS, salary solutions). The solution-oriented implementation methodology (OUM CAS) significantly shortens the analysis time and almost completely eliminates the design phase. The user sees the solution at an early stage of implementation and can during the implementation, flexibly, together with the consultant, change individual processes so that the results can be seen in real time.

OTBI reporting allows real-time reporting. Business intelligence reports are based on predefined areas and logical data models that allow the creation of ad-hoc reports.

Basic functionalities of Oracle HCM system

  • HR (Human Resources, Workforce Dictionary, Workforce Predictions, Workforce Modelling, Human Resource Help Desk, Advanced HCM Controls, Workforce Health and Safety Incidents, Strategic Workforce Planning)
  • Talent Management (Recruiting, Performance Management, Career and Succession, Learning)
  • Workforce Rewards (Compensation, Benefits, Payroll, Sales Compensation)
  • Workforce Management (Time and Labour, Absence Management, Project Portfolio Management, Expense Management)
  • Work-Life Solutions (My Brand, My Wellness, My Volunteering, My Competitions)

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