Web and mobile app development

Web and mobile applications are the backbone of the emergence and development of Fleksbit. Our development engineers are experienced in developing a wide range of solutions, including IoT requirements (Internet of Things). We use the latest technologies that we adapt to the requirements of the project and your business requirements. We combine knowledge and experience to create solutions that will make your organization more successful.
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Project management

We help you with the realization of major projects by adapting to your tools and work techniques. From the identification of key stakeholders to the final analysis, we will be by your side to ensure the successful execution of the project.
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Business Process Management

Business processes created for 10 employees will be difficult to maintain in the future organization with hundreds of employees. Our experts will detect key processes and make suggestions for their modernization or replacement by more efficient processes, together with your team.
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IT Consulting

Let's define together an overall IT strategy tailored to your organization’s business goals to ensure efficient and complete digital transformation.
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Business Intelligence

How to extract important and understandable data in a timely manner from a large amount of information? Implementing information visualization tools is only part of the activities with which our business intelligence experts will help you make optimal decisions for your business.
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Organizations often focus on producing and creating solutions, forgetting that the path to happy users is maintaining a system that has caught on. Through maintenance and support, our engineers will ensure the continuous availability of your solution as well as up-to-dateness and suggestions for improvements and upgrades.
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Quality Control

Quality control ensures continuous delivery of quality solutions to your customers. Our experts will help you implement processes that will ensure high satisfaction of your users throughout the software life cycle.
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Our products

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