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How to extract important and understandable data in a timely manner from a large amount of information? Implementing information visualization tools is only part of the activities with which our business intelligence experts will help you make optimal decisions for your business.

Advances in technology have significantly increased the amount of data collected within organizations. Archives and paper warehouses have been replaced by hard drives and cloud storage. However, data utilization has in many organizations remained the same – minimal. Data is often found in different databases, programs that do not communicate with each other, or in departments that do not share them with each other. Such data represents the wealth of the organization that is hidden in the ‘basement’.

Our business intelligence experts specializing in working with business intelligence tools will help you use this data to create new value in your organization. Whether it is a strategic or short-term decision, we will help you process a large amount of data that we will turn into visually intelligible information. Thus, we will combine key information from multiple business processes from different perspectives.

Using PowerBI and Tableau tools, together we will get a clearer picture of your organization’s business aspects. It used to take weeks of preparation for such analyses, but today strategically important insights are just a few clicks away. Once your systems begin to communicate with each other, these tools will help you understand the data language by translating it into a visual representation comprehensible to all.

Business intelligence service includes:

  • a range of processes, technologies and knowledge that help in the decision-making process (strategic, short-term, on increasing profitability) with the help of tools such as Tableau and PowerBI
  • use of information in an effective way – help in data manipulation analysis
  • multidimensionality – allows analysis of data through different views (e.g. time dimension)
  • consolidating information from all business processes into one place
  • grouping data by various hierarchical structures – allows a data summary at the highest level, but also a detailed overview
  • converting data into visually intelligible information

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