Business Process Management

Business processes created for 10 employees will be difficult to maintain in the future organization with hundreds of employees. Our experts will detect key processes and make suggestions for their modernization or replacement by more efficient processes, together with your team.

Each organization has a whole range of processes within its structure and business. Part of the process was created formally, thoughtfully and guided. The second part of the process emerged as part of an informal structure, following the business culture within the organization.

Processes created in a 10-employee organization are not equally effective in an organization that employs 100 or 1,000 employees. The same rule applies when changing the scope of business – the processes that were valid at the time when the organization was working on 2 projects may not be valid when managing 20 parallel projects.

Our business analysts specialize in business process management. They will study and revise all existing business processes and subprocesses. Using process visualization tools, they will identify inputs and outputs, activity participants, and their interrelationships.

This analysis will enable you to spot redundancy in the processes that slow down the development of your business more easily. With the suggestions of our analysts, your organization will be able to optimize business processes and ensure optimal efficiency of all teams.

The business process management service includes:

  • defining the entire business process and goals
  • analyzing and proposing business process improvements
  • identification of inputs, outputs and relationships between business processes
  • identification of business process users, and the beginning and end of the process
  • identification of activities and tasks and their common points
  • process performance management
  • process visualization using BPMN notation

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