Quality Control

Quality control ensures continuous delivery of quality solutions to your customers. Our experts will help you implement processes that will ensure high satisfaction of your users throughout the software life cycle.

Every product you place on the market requires testing before it becomes available to users, but throughout its entire life cycle as well. Our experts will help you design and test your solution.

At a time when the experiences of other customers are increasingly shaping our consumer habits, becoming a key part of purchasing decisions, quality control has become an indispensable part of the product development process.

For solutions that involve repeated purchases, such as solutions sold with subscription or monthly models, quality control is a crucial factor for maintaining business.

In modern application solutions that involve continuous upgrading and delivery of new features directly to user-owned devices, quality control must be strategically planned as part of a continuous launch cycle.

Our quality control service will cover all types of testing solutions, web and mobile applications through all phases of the software development life cycle. Testing can cover a number of aspects, whether functional, safety aspects or performance testing and automated testing.

The quality control service includes:

  • QA counseling
  • defining and implementing test scenarios
  • defining and implementing solution acceptance criteria
  • functional testing
  • performance testing
  • safety testing
  • automated testing

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