Web and mobile app development

Web and mobile applications are the backbone of the emergence and development of Fleksbit. Our development engineers are experienced in developing a wide range of solutions, including IoT requirements (Internet of Things). We use the latest technologies that we adapt to the requirements of the project and your business requirements. We combine knowledge and experience to create solutions that will make your organization more successful.

In a dynamic business world, a company can be a leader or a follower. With technology development, this difference has become increasingly visible. To be and remain a leader, you need to innovate and set trends.

Often this innovation and trend setting is not just about your core business. Innovations that make a difference and help you outperform the competition come from all parts of your business – including IT application solutions.

Application development is the backbone of our business. Our developers are experienced professionals specializing in the development of web and mobile solutions, platforms and IoT solutions. They will help your company develop innovative solutions that will stimulate growth.

By combining your knowledge of the industry and the needs of customers with our knowledge and experience, you will more easily take a leading position and raise your business to a whole new level. Our experts use the latest technologies, frameworks and components to produce solutions that combine a strong technical structure and ease of use.

We adapt the development technology to the requirements and needs of your existing system, so the new application works better with the existing solutions within your organization.

At Fleksbit, we actively use various state-of-the-art technologies for application development: C # and .Net Core, Java and Spring Boot, as well as PHP Laravel and Angular framework. Our experts are constantly educated by attending foreign training and by working daily on demanding projects.

Software development service includes:

  • implementation of web and/or mobile applications
  • software optimization and scalability
  • application of modern technologies
  • implementation of real-time functioning systems
  • solving business and technological problems

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